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Wednesday 6 July 2011

What type of Pioneer are you?

As with most things in life it's quite easy to slip the majority of Frontierville players into some kind of category. The way you play and interact, the things you say and do.

So, see if you can find yourself on this handy guide of Frontierville playing types...

Playing Style: It's all about that number in the star! The High Riser always thinks the bigger the better when it comes to any number in the game and especially Level. 

They create mathematical theories and formulas that would make Stephen Hawking reach for a calculator to plan out the times they'll be on, the crops and animals they can place and the amount they can fit into their homestead and what decorations they can buy for the most XP gain... every single XP point is treated with a reverence usually attributed to holy relics.

Likes: Granny's Gut Punch, White Roses
Dislikes: Glitches, non-XP rewards for missions

Most Likely To Say: The flower pot gives 14.4XP per 10 coins spent but the stone edging only gives 14.3XP
Least Likely To Say: The Gut Punch didn't work on those crops... oh well, never mind

Playing Style: The Mayfly has an attention span that makes your average toddler with Attention Deficit Disorder look like meditating Buddhist. Long term missions? Pah! Ask again in 2 hours? Piffle! 10 tends of 8 hours each? Tosh!

The Mayfly will spend the evening of any newly released mission frantically scouring walls for building or mission items, will badger friends to send things and will burn boosts like there's no tomorrow. If they're not the first person to post a mission complete brag it's a deep and personal failure, and having to harvest any crop that takes longer than clover causes them physical pain.

The strange flipside of this is that The Mayfly is also impatient for more things to do, so will burn boosts and Horseshoes to finish a mission... then become agitated and ask repeatedly "when will we get a new mission?"

Likes: Animal Ready Boosts, Intuit Boosts, Red Eye
Dislikes: Waiting times, challenging missions

Most Likely To Say: Does anyone have any bear claws?
Least Likely To Say: I like this mission, it'll take me some time to finish

Playing Style: If there's one thing The Completionist likes best it's everything... They live for the icon on a collection that says they've completed it, they love their victory garden with 5 of every crop, they religiously count and tally up the missions to make sure nothing ever passes them by in the game.

Be it mystery animals, limited-time decorations or a special reward item, the easiest way to annoy The Completionist is to have something they don't and put it right in the middle of your homestead, where they can see it every single time they visit.

Likes: New Collections
Dislikes: Running out of time in a Timed Mission

Most Likely To Say: I'll trade you for that Pheasant?
Least Likely To Say: I don't think that's available any more, ah well, I didn't miss much

Playing Style: The Sickly One is very very ill. They've been made sick by the game and want everyone to know it, usually by pointing out every flaw and issue they're coming up against followed by the phrase "I'm sick of the game and quitting!" and an exclamation they'll never enter the game again.

Strangely they'll usually be seen a day or two later, telling everyone the problems they're having and exclaiming they're sick of the game and quitting... then a couple days later again... and again... and again... Just make sure you never tell The Sickly One a solution to a problem, that takes all the fun out of it.

Like a lifelong alcoholic The Sickly One always knows the best day to give up is tomorrow, but don't let that stop you from telling everyone you're doing it today and why!

Likes: Glitches and drama
Dislikes: Fixes and solutions

Most Likely To Say: I'm sick of this game!
Least Likely To Say: Hey, there's problems but it's no big deal!

Playing Style: The Casual Cowpoke really doesn't mind anything that happens in the game. He/She do the missions when they can and are happy for them to take as long as they take. They don't use boosts etc to speed things up and just enjoy growing up some crops and animals to feed.

They take glitches in their stride and any problems are met with the phrase "Oh well, I'll try later".

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I'm kidding, we all know this player doesn't exist!

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