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Sunday 29 May 2011

The Penguin Mutiny (FestiveVille), Winter Animal Storage...

As they watched the farm animals being moved into their new livestock pens and barns the winter animals felt sad, knowing that yet again they'd been ignored and not allowed in.

Derided for being "not realistic enough", or for even looking silly in their lovely hats and antler headbands they were sick of being looked down on.

The leader of the group, the antlered penguin, had decided enough was enough... he gathered his friends around and told them a tale of a magical portal that would take them away to a far off land where they could be themselves...

The Winter animals travelled for days, leaving the frontier behind them and moving further into the forest until... there it was, the inviting sign of the magic gate, a rough arch of rocks with a strange red and white glow inside it...

One by one the animals passed through the gateway, some brave, some scared, not knowing what was beyond, not knowing whether thy would appear on the other side the same as they were or if they'd ever see their friends again, all the animals drawn together by their differences, made into friends by the adversity against them and their feeling of being outsiders.

The last to pass through, the smallest of the sugargliders, took one look behind him at the forest, stuck out his little tongue and prayed, as he stepped through the portal, for somewhere to call home.

The small sugarglider felt himself being drawn along, lost and a little dizzy in the red and white swirls around him which went on forever, looking ahead he saw a little speck of whiteness in the swirls, getting closer, and closer and closer...

...until he tumbled out of the vortex and landed in a soft snowdrift that had been piled up to cushion his fall. He looked up into the smiling face of the antlered penguin and heard the laughs and happy noises of his friends as he looked around at the new land he'd ended up in.

The ground was all soft new snow, cold but welcoming, the animals had already begun to build igloos to live in and the reindeers had found a small forested area with an ice fishing lake in.

He smiled and ran to join in the fun, planting his cane with his stocking home on near his other friends and knew... FestiveVille was home!

Monday 23 May 2011

Still doing canning? Get your motivational poster here...

It's fair to say there's still going to be folks doing those canning missions and feeling a little dejected about it... Well, never fear, Frontierville Express is here!

Feel free to download this classically styled motivational poster and gaze at it every day before tending to your oxen and planting more wheat!

You're welcome...