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Monday 23 May 2011

Still doing canning? Get your motivational poster here...

It's fair to say there's still going to be folks doing those canning missions and feeling a little dejected about it... Well, never fear, Frontierville Express is here!

Feel free to download this classically styled motivational poster and gaze at it every day before tending to your oxen and planting more wheat!

You're welcome...


  1. OMG just what I needed..I am 73000. And decided today I just cant be bothered!

  2. TIP: Raise LOTS of oxen and sell them when adults

  3. Hope everyone knows that they can unlock the Canning Missions just short of the target food for 1 horseshoe, and keep all the food.

  4. I do not see anything I could use help for the canning missions

  5. Fill every inch you have with oxen and use the boosts from the barn and bear collections. One boost makes them hungry and one feeds them. The more oxen you have at one time the less boosts you will need.

  6. Del Rudolph, what do you mean by "short of the target"? How many food do you have to have to unlock it for 1 horseshoe? Thanks.

  7. Just keep racking up the food and when you get close to completing (99,000) you can buy the mission for one horseshoe and keep all your food.

  8. I needed to see this I almost gave up ... Let's keep going soon it will be over !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kristie Cobbley23 May 2011 at 22:57

    wow alot of good hints thanks it took me 2 months to get the 5,000 or whatever it was just finished yeasterday now 10,000??? ughhh if anyone is serious about helping water crops daily i will return the favor but tired of invitations and no one helps with this so please if your serious let me know you will do it daily and friend request me thanks