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Monday 14 March 2011

Zynga Poker? Try Frontierville For Your Gambling...

It may be that you like a quick flutter, the excitement of hoping Lady Luck puts her hand on your shoulder, the intense highs and debilitating lows of gambling.

But Zynga Poker doesn't necessarily have to be your outlet, the way Frontierville works means you end up relying on luck just as much as any game of chance, actually probably more as this game doesn't allow for the skills of card players to help themselves.

One question we often have on the page is asking what the chances are of a random event happening, a collection item dropping or a varmint appearing, even why some debris appears and others don't, and why they're not getting it.

The way Frontierville works in these situations is by rolling a digital die, one with 1000 sides to it. A die that, in reality, would have to be so big it would probably need to be rolled on the Bonneville Salt Flats so it didn't crush any buildings.

Each random event is allocated a range of numbers on the die and if one pops up... ding, ding, we have a winner! (Or loser, depending if you really WANTED that varmint...)

This means nothing is ever certain. I can sit here and tell you the chances of events happening but that's no concrete answer to how often things will happen for YOU. Welcome to chaos.

Let's take Coyotes as the most recent random event.

I cant remember the exact number so let's say *plucking a nice round number from the air* there's a 1 in 10 chance of a coyote appearing. That on the digital die if the roll is 1-100, up pops a coyote.

So, you feed a chicken, the die rolls... nothing, you do it again, and again, until finally you've fed 9 chickens. Because I've said it's a 1 in 10 chance, it'll seem like this final chicken should make a coyote appear! But it doesn't.

So, let's say it's a 10% chance instead. It's still highly unlikely that feeding 100 chickens will pop 10 coyotes. Some folks will have more, some less, some, by the law of averages, WILL have 10 coyotes... but that's more about luck again.

When you roll a die it's a 1 in 6 chance of a certain number appearing... but once you've rolled it you STILL have the 1 in 6 chance, the die, just like the game, doesn't keep a track of the numbers and not allow a second, third, fourth roll of the same number. Every roll is a single event, and that's how Frontierville drops it's goodies.

So, like all good betting shops, we can give you the odds of something appearing, but we really can't tell you a winner.

Almost everything that appears in game does so by a random roll of the dice, and often fears the game is glitched because something doesn't turn up, or in fact DOES turn up, is actually not a glitch but down, instead, to one of the most uncontrollable elements in the world.

Pure dumb luck, today available in two flavours, Good and Bad.

In honour of today's topic today's prize for reading is an invisible poker table for the characters to use when you're not looking. So if you log on one day and find Bess down to her underwear you'll know she's not joining the Poker World Tour any time soon...

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