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Saturday 19 February 2011

Outfoxing the foxes with a new pet?

OK, my previous brainstorming idea seemed to go down OK so here's another one... (Dear Zynga, if this appears in game I want a creative position ;)) I'll say the same as I did the last time, this is hypothetical stuff streaming from my own brain, nothing that is planned or has even been hinted at to me or in public anywhere.

This is an idea that sprung from my brain just minutes ago while chatting to our upside down admin KT about the potential for new injured animals... so, how about this for something that would combine the injured animal mechanics with one of the most desired animals, add a piquant little mission thread and finish up with a little helper on our homesteads that does more than just be tended.

I'll try and talk you through it as it would work in game...

You're harvesting your chickens, geese or turkeys... up pops the message...

"A fox has appeared and tried to eat one of your fowls but... hang on, what's that? A dog has come from the forest and attacked the fox, driving it off. The fight seems to have hurt the poor thing though... looks like you'll need to nurse it back to health..."

In comes the now-known injured animal mechanic as you get your critter milk to nurse it back to health. However, once it's done it then kicks off a small series of missions...

Pioneer's Best Friend I - Housing the Dog: Your new pet needs somewhere to live if he's going to be helpful around the homestead...

Buy a Kennel in the market (small building, say the size of a chicken coop or even smaller)
Finish the Kennel
Craft a comforter

Pioneer's Best Friend II - Feed up the Dog: Your dog's going to need to get bulked up if he's going to be taking on varmints all day...

Have One Rump Steak
Collect 10 Dinner Bowls (Neighbour Request item)
Harvest 20 Wheat

Pioneer's Best Friend III - Train your Dog: It's time to get your dog out there takin' down those varmints, have some friends help train him into a lean, mean fox huntin' machine and make sure to pick yerself up a trophy!

Hire some dog trainers (5 neighbours, the same as the Barbershop staff or Trap Engineers)
Set your dog on one fox
Have one Fox Tail

At the start of this mission the Kennel would become active as a varmint trap. It'd work like a Groundhog trap and have a perimeter, only it'd radiate out in an arc from the front door so it wouldn't have to be placed in a silly central position, it could be slipped into a corner or against a fence. Once mission III is passed any fox that appeared in the radius would be automatically clobbered. Perhaps in base unarmed state the dog could be moved around the farm like any animal and tended for Collection Items (more on that later) coins, XP etc. Then when the kennel is "armed" the dog would move to be stood on guard outside it, there comes the tactical dilemma of using the dog as a fox trap, or a tendable animal. There would be a single dog limit.

Pioneer's Best Friend IV - Keeping those birds safe: Seems you've got yourself a good friend there, helping out on the homestead. Let him do your job and all your fowls can sleep a lot safer until they're ready to sell.

Catch 5 foxes
Trade in a Fox collection
Sell 30 Adult Chickens

There would be a Dog Collection that drops when he catches a fox or you tend him wish consists of:

Water Dish / Ball / Bath / Dog Biscuits / Dog Blanket

This maybe trades in for a dog-style decoration, a chicken boost or simply XP, coins etc.

So there we go, an injured animal that becomes a varmint trap with it's own Collection etc or could simply be used as a pet... we know the idea of a dog is very popular... as is new missions now and then for the "bored" folks ;)

If you've got this far then thank you for letting me indulge my weird brain activity on you, I've run out of invisible badgers so I'll be placing invisible gerbils on all your homesteads instead. Be careful where you walk...


  1. I really like this

  2. That would be a pretty cool idea. We have no pets on FTV, yet I'm pretty sure they would have had cats for mice and rats, and a dog or two for sheep round up and as you say varmint control.

    Will be funny though if Zynga suddenly produce a dog now. lol.

  3. how about a herder, My maggie may is a beautiful brown border collie. she would keep all these animals in line! and Bark to let you know if other farmers or animals were on the frontier

  4. Well said. A useful addition to the homestead... Zynga, are you listening? :)

  5. Very cool ideas ,I would love to see that really happen.

  6. Love it!! Bring on Fido!

  7. Well? did you submit this to Zynga? Or do we have Zynga spies who frequent your site and will find this and claim this as their very own idea? You are a very creative guy Andy. *pats on Andy's back*

  8. I like this idea!

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