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Monday 7 February 2011

Homestead Expansions, the two or four sided conundrum.

There's been a smidge of confusion over the Homestead Expansions lately, regarding the sizes and the amount of sides that are going to grow.

Some people have been saying that the two sided expansion is a glitch that Zynga will fix and we should be getting more at some point, but actually the entire confusion is down to a change in policy over how much more land we're getting.

We all started with a 25x25 tile farm, a tile is equal to one plot of crops. The first two expansions took us up by FOUR tiles along each side, so moving from 25x25 up to 29x29 required an all round halo of extra space. Now we only have a TWO tile expansion, we just get those extra tiles down two sides.

See the worlds dullest diagram:

Anyone still awake after that truly terrible use of Photoshop? (It pained me doing it...) Maths actually coming in handy in a real life situation... who knew?

As the amount of space was being decreased for reasons we don't know (server load? Keeping it in line with other Zynga games?) the two side solution is far and away the best as opposed to a single tile on all sides.

Most people tend to design their homesteads to the back right (or "upper" as you look at it) corner. Because you can't see behind stuff it makes it a logical choice. If we ended up getting a single small tile on all sides it would be almost useless unless we were all prepared to laboriously move everything on our homestead one square back and one to the right.

This way all our new space is front and centre which are always the two clearest sides, meaning it's actually much easier to expand and much easier to redesign.

The argument over less space can rage on regardless but personally? I really like it, espeally as I really do have my homestead locked into back right and spreading forwards, to be honest a single square around would be useless to me, I'd never do anything with it. This way Zynga are making sure we do get the most use from our expansion.


  1. Great job Andy! Makes total sense now :)

  2. Good job explaining. Excellent use of your math skills.

  3. I don't understand the confusion, the land expansion on farmville have always been 2 sided. However, for those who did need the explanation you've done a great job dull diagrams included.

  4. Maths of use in the real world?!?! Heaven forbid such a thing. Maths should be kept properly confined within their diagrams and not allowed to clutter life up with their rigid realities. XD

    But yes, a very clear explanation, and a quite clever use of simple, easy to understand diagrams, Andy. Thanks!